Winner of 10.000 fun miles in campaign Autobusbedrijf Curaçao

01 October, 2020

Willemstad – recently, Fun Miles introduced Autobusbedrijf Curaçao N.V. as its newest partner. Users of busses that are members of Fun Miles can now save and barter Fun Miles when they credit their ABC SmartPass. All of those that in the month of September recharged their SmartPass and saved or bartered their Fun miles, automatically get a chance to participate in a raffle to win 10.000 Fun Miles. The campaign was a great success! Congratulations to Arshel Martis who was the winner of 10.000 Fun Miles. Now Mr. Martis can do lots of fun things: recharge his SmartPass, buy construction materials, buy groceries and a lot more!

A unique partnership
Users of busses can already take note of “the Fun Miles bus”, in a creative way it was made sure that Fun Miles comes even closer to the community. The busses of Autobusbedrijf Curaçao N.V. connect to people of Curaçao from point to point and just as Fun Miles, the largest reward program on the island of Curaçao allows its customers the opportunity to take advantage of campaigns and offers around Curaçao. Thus, a truly unique partnership! For more information, and explanation of the different cards and how you can save and barter Fun Miles with your SmartPass visit or visit the Terminals in Punda or Otrabanda.

More information regarding Fun Miles
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