Route information

ABC brings you and your family to your desired destination! You can pay cash on the bus or with a SmartPass click here for more information.

A ride on the routes through the city and the eastern side of the island cost ANG 2,00. 

A ride that covers the western part of the island, Tera Kora, Lagun and Westpunt costs ANG 2,50.

Users that are 65+ can use the routes covering the city and the eastern side for ANG 1,75 and ANG 2,25 for the routes covering the western side, Tera Kora, Lagun and Westpunt. To become eligible for the SmartPass 65+ reduced, the client must come by our headquarters in Buena vista ta make a SmartPass. The user uses the SmartPass to identify him or herself every time he or she uses the bus. Without the SmartPass 65+, the passenger that is 65+ has to pay the normal rate. Register here



Route Map Otrobanda

Route Map Punda