Code of conduct

For your wellbeing, protection and security and also that of fellow passenger, ABC asks for your attention on the following rules:

abc-artwork-prohibition-signs-individual-stand-in-line(1).png For your comfort and that of fellow passengers, please enter the bus one by one.
abc-artwork-prohibition-signs-individual-payment(1).png To facilitate the job of our drivers please pay with coins or use your SmartPass.
 abc-artwork-prohibition-signs-individual-children-2-and-older(1).png Remember that everyone must pay, besides children younger than 2. They must be transported on the lap of an adult.

Nobody is allowed to stand in front of a tourniquet. When you get on a bus and all seats are taken, please proceed all the way to the back so that additional passengers are able to get on the bus as well.

 abc-artwork-prohibition-signs-individual-use-earpiece(1).png For the comfort of other passengers, please use an “earpiece” when listening to the radio.
abc-artwork-prohibition-signs-individual-no-food-2(1).png  To offer you and other clients a clean bus, we do not allow people to enter with drinks or food.
 abc-artwork-prohibition-signs-individual-no-sitting-on-backrest(1).png For tranquility and comfort of other passengers and to maintain our seats in good condition please sit only in the seats and not the back of the seats.
abc-artwork-prohibition-signs-individual-no-animals(1).png  We do not accept any animals on the bus.
 abc-artwork-prohibition-signs-individual-no-barefoot(1).png Please do not enter the bus barefoot
abc-artwork-prohibition-signs-individual-no-swimwear(1).png Please do not enter the bus wearing only swimwear.
abc-artwork-prohibition-signs-individual-no-smoking(1).png It is prohibited to smoke on the bus.
abc-artwork-prohibition-signs-individual-no-drugs(1).png It is prohibited to enter the bus under the influence of alcohol or drugs.