With the SmartPass from ABC; you can travel easily, fast and safely. SmartPass is like a credit card. You can pay for busses without having to carry around cash



This SmartPass is for users of ABC. The card required identification from the client and can be used in all routes. More than one person can use the card at the same time and repeatedly until the balance is used.



The SmartPass is only for clients that are 65 plus. The card required identification from the clients and can be used on all routes. The card can be used repeatedly until the balance is used. This card is personal; it is not permitted for others to use it.

Stap 1 Register

Registration is necessary for SmartPass passenger as for 65+, as they require client information. Currently, registration only takes place at the headquarters of ABC at Industrieterrein Buena Vista z/n from Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00. The person has to come to the office of ABC in Buena Vista, where the client’s personal information will be registered and take a picture. In the case of a 65+ card, it will be produces immediately.

Stap 2 Recharge

To continue to make use of the SmartPass it must be recharged. Currently, the card can be charged at Terminal Punda, Terminal Otrabanda our headquarters in Buena vista, with a minimum of ANG 5,-. Soon we will amplify the points where you can recharge, so that we can facilitate our users even more.

Stap 3 Pass Card (Swipe)

With the SmartPass clients can pay on ABC busses without having to carry around cash. The system will retain this information in its memory and when the card is swiped in front of the SmartPass reader in front by the driver, the machine reads the information on the card and automatically deduces the rate from the card. To register for a SmartPass fill in the form on this page or contact us for more information at 724-4222.



Public transportation is more fun now, with your SmartPass and Fun Miles. You can save and Barter in 1 2 3 steps easily:

1. Recharge your SmartPass
2. Save and barter Fun Miles
3. Use busses easily and safely

Fun Miles members can save and barter when they recharge. When saving, you receive 1 fun mile per 2,50 that you use. Or you can also barter Fun Miles for the desired amount. “Who said that fun can’t be fun?”


Buy your Fun Miles at our information center in Punda, Otrabanda or at our headquarters in Buena Vista so you don’t miss out on the fun! For more information on the Fun Miles card visit their website

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