Sale of advertisement

Do you want to amass a large number of (prospective) clients?
Do you wish for Curaçao as a whole to know about your product or service?

Choose to put your advertisement on a bus of ABC Busbedrijf.


You cannot miss a bus completely wrapped in advertisement! Advertisement on busses is a successful way of amassing a large group of perspective clients so that they can get to know the product or service that you as a company is offering. Current clients have a means to remember the product or service that the company offers. Through advertisement on busses, small and big companies can communicate their service to their clients. 

This makes it possible for ABC to become a key player when It comes to advertisement in Curaçao.

Autobusbedrijf Curaçao N.V. is one of the few enterprises on Curaçao that offers people, companies and other particular entities to expose information, events, product or services on a moving bus.

Advertising your product or service on busses owned by ABC has the following benefits:

  • The advertisement is hard to ignore; cannot turn it off like on TV.
  •  It catches the attention of drivers and passengers regardless of the radio station that they are listening to.
  • The size, attractive colors and innovative design catches people’s attention.
  • You can reach a wide range of people, from kids to grownups.
  • The busses drive all routes making the visibility much larger.

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